Sunday, February 11, 2007

30 Tesla Superconducting Magnet Possible?

It is, according to this article.

I'm still skeptical. I will reserve my judgment till after I read the paper. It would be interesting to see that "phase diagram" that they have mapped out. Still, I'd like to see how they could get the material to not have migrating vortices at that magnetic field, even at 12K.


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Anonymous said...

It's known that magnetic resonance techniques such as Muon spin resonance and nuclear magnetic resonance are senstive to the local variation of electronic and magnetic environments. The inhomogeneous field profile associated with the vortex solid structure is manifested in the detected spectrum while it is averaged out when vortices are moving. Therefore, the melting phase diagram of vortex structure can be obtained from the temperature evolution of the spectrum.
The article is available now on the advance Nature Physics: