Tuesday, February 06, 2007

God: The Failed Hypothesis?

OK, throw another log in the atheism fire.

Early this year, I gave a link to Steven Weinberg article on The Designer Universe - his treatise on why physics has made it acceptable to not believe in the existence of God. Of course, there is also the Richard Dawkins book The God Delusion, that became a runaway bestseller, which not only removed all apologies about being an atheist, but also promote it by pointing out "fallacies" about believing in God.

So now we add another champion to the same cause. Vic Stenger has written a book titled God: The Failed Hypothesis. In it, he claimed to have tested all the claims made by the Judeo-Christian-Islam belief and falsifed them based on science.

It is certainly a provocative claim, and I'm sure, will incite a lot of very lively discussion all over the 'net, if it hasn't already.



MV said...

The concept of 'God' will be different for different persons working in different branches of science, I think. Even today man has not developed to such an advanced level as to conclusively reject the concept of god. In fact it will be easier for the less informed to reject the concept. The more one dips in to the wonders of nature and tries to analyze things scientifically, the more doubtful he becomes!

ZapperZ said...

But I don't think that is what is done here, at least not by Stenger. What he tried to do is look at the claims being done by the religions mentioned, and then tried to systematically debunk each of the claims. So he's looking for things that are testable and falsifiable, because those are something that science can investigate.

In science, when you make a set of predictions and outcomes, and the empirical evidence do not match, then your original premise or principle has been falsified, or at the very least, not verified.