Tuesday, November 19, 2013

More "Anti-Gravity Hill"

This is the year 2013, am I right? I'm right. Yes, of course I am. For a while there, I thought I was in 2008. I'll explain why in a few moments.

This is another example why something that has been debunked many years ago, keep coming back. It is as if these people who kept making these stupid commentaries never seem to actually learned why what they say is bogus. The reason being that there is always new, knowledgeable people who will continue to buy such garbage.

This article, out of Forbes website, highlight the incredulous claim made by TV program called "European Journal" about a spot somewhere in Poland where things seem to be rolling uphill on their own.

There are places where people have observed seemingly supernatural phenomena for centuries: wandering rocks in deserts, for example, or permanent lightning storms. Scientists are often at a loss for an explanation, and that’s also true for a place in Poland, where our reporter has also discovered a fascinating phenomenon.
That Forbes article also has a link to the video on the "European Journal" site.

Now, does this sound familiar? If you've been reading this blog since 2008 (and I sincerely thank you if you have!), then you would have remembered a similar blog entry that I made on a similar topic.

So, to what extent did the reporters from European Journal actually did an actual survey of the terrain of the place beyond just looking at it with human eyes? Are they not aware of how much our eyes can succumb to optical illusions? Is this news to them?


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