Tuesday, November 05, 2013

How Particle Physics Can Save Your Life

This Symmetry article highlights all the "side effects" of particle/high energy physics, and how we are benefiting from it.

You'll notice that I've mentioned similar items listed in the article in here and here. So these should be too much of a big news if you've followed this blog for a while. I just think that, in this article, they are lumping accelerator physics and particle physics to be the same thing, which in this day and age, they aren't anymore. Accelerator physics is a separate branch of physics than particle/high energy physics, even though their lives are certainly closely intertwined in some cases. But still, let's be clear that the majority of particle accelerators in the world have nothing to do with particle physics.

The one clear area where particle physics greatly impact our lives is in the detector business, as I've mentioned in my blog entry above. This is where the need of high energy physics experiments directly results in the advancement in detector physics. This then trickle down to other sector of our economy, including medical devices.

Still, this article is a good read if you are not aware of it already.


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