Wednesday, October 23, 2013

MOOC On "The Discovery Of The Higgs Boson"

The registration is now open for the massive online open course (MOOC) on "The Discovery of the Higgs Boson".

This MOOC introduces the theoretic tools needed to appreciate the discovery, and presents the elementary particles at the tiniest scales ever explored. Beginning with basic concepts in classical mechanics, the story unfolds through relativity and quantum mechanics, describing forces, matter and the unification of theories with an understanding driven by the tools of mathematics.

Narrating the journey through experimental results which led to the discovery in 2012, the course invites you to learn from a team of world-class physicists at Edinburgh University. Learners participate in discussion of the consequences of the Higgs boson, to physics and cosmology, and towards a stronger understanding and new description of the universe.

Note the knowledge requirement to enroll for this course:

The course requires a basic level of mathematical skills, at the level of a final-year school pupil. A basic knowledge of physics is helpful, but not required.

So there ya go! If you are a non-physicist, and you are serious about learning about the Higgs and also a bit about elementary particle physics and the Standard Model, this is your chance! There are people trying to make it accessible for you to understand these things.


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