Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Higgs Discovery Rumors

Ah, don't we love rumors like this that set many parts of the physics community on fire?

Unconfirmed rumors (is there any other kind?) are abound that the data analysis out of ATLAS and CMS are each producing 4-sigma signal at where the Higgs were expected. So far, indications point to an announcement of the Higgs discovery at the upcoming conference in Australia starting on July 4th.

The latest Higgs rumors suggest nearly-there 4-sigma signals are turning up at both of the two separate LHC experiments that are hunting for the particle. As physicist Philip Gibbs points out on his blog, Vixra log, if each experiment is seeing a 4-sigma signal, then this is almost definitely the long-sought particle. Combining the two 4-sigma results should be enough to clear that 5-sigma hurdle.
I asked a couple of the ATLAS people here at the lab, and while they didn't tell me anything specific, they certainly gave away the impression that whatever they are getting is quite "compelling", which doesn't say much. But these are the people who tend to not overhype things. So my gut instinct here is that we are going to hear something soon enough.


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