Monday, June 04, 2012

Don't Stick Your Hand In The LHC

There's not much physics in this, but I suppose many people do ask what would happen if they stick their hands in the LHC beam.  This article tries to answer it, and it is accompanied by a video as well.

Another LHC researcher, David Goldfarb, says in the video that other experiments have shown beams like the LHC's punching holes through sheets of metal. The soft tissue of a human hand would present much less resistance.
The thing here is that, you'd be dead soon enough before you can actually get to do that. The radiation being emitted from the beam itself is enough to kill you. So before you even get to stick your hand there, since you have to get into the beam tunnel, you would have had lethal dose of radiation already by the time you get the opportunity to do your useless deed.


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Jacob Mazor said...

So you're saying that I can't turn into the Hulk by walking into the LHC? I'll have to find another way...