Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Anticipation For The Higgs Builds Up

Boy, this is almost as exciting as anticipating the next Apple iPad or iPhone! Speculation runs rampant!

It appears that the cut-off date for the first set of data analysis at the LHC has come and gone. So now there are "leaks" here and there indicating that there's a good chance of an announcement soon from the LHC on the issue of the Higgs.

Poring over huge volumes of data, CERN physicists are confident they are now closer to achieving that aim, outside scientists with links to two key research teams at the Switzerland-based facility said.

"They are getting quite fired up," one scientist outside CERN but with links to the experiment who declined to be named told Reuters.

Strong signs of the Higgs were being seen in the same energy range where it was tentatively spotted last year, the scientists added, even though the particle is so short-lived that it can only be detected by the traces it leaves.
The scientists spoke of their CERN colleagues' progress after research chiefs at the Swiss facility decreed a cut-off last weekend in the processing of all data related to the search for the particle ahead of a major physics conference, ICHEP, in Melbourne in mid-July.
We shall see. Don't count your bosons before they are detected!


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