Friday, February 10, 2012

High School Physics Class Exclusively Use iPads

This is not unexpected, and probably a sign of what's to come for many schools, if its not here already.

This high school physics class make use of iPads exclusively, not just for reading texts, but also in doing assignments, etc.

Jon Gums` physics class at Mandan High School may look just like any other. A closer look reveals that there are no books, paper or pencils. That`s because this class is on the forefront of digital education. This class, along with a few others, is part of a pilot program that incorporates iPads into the classroom.

Gums says the idea was to give students instant access to both digital media and curriculum through the iPads. Because of the technology, in addition to writing their assignments on the iPad, students can also add photos and video to document each step of their project.
Of course, this is good for the environment as well.
The iPads are the property of the school, and the student is responsible for the $500 replacement cost if it is lost, damaged or stolen. Gums also says that since the beginning of this school year, the students have only needed about 15 sheets of paper each.
With Apple pushing for college textbooks on the iPad, and other initiatives in providing free, open-access textbooks, I have a feeling that how we conduct our education is going to change dramatically within the next 3-4 years. In fact, on the research front, the iPads are already showing its usefulness.

So now we'll just have to wait if the rumors of a new iPad3 to be announced in early March is true... :)


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Duane Taffe said...

I am really interested I nearing more about the way you are using iPads in the classroom. Specifics toward apps would be helpful. We have iPads for our nth, physics, and technology classes but no real idea how to get really started. Trust me I hate spam on my blog too. Can you send me some more information. My name is Duane Taffe at DeKalb School of the Arts. Google me to email me at my school. Thanks in advance.