Monday, February 06, 2012

Teaching Teachers A Lesson

This is a news article on a symposium at Harvard about revamping the way we present our instructions to the students.

The group had convened in Harvard’s Northwest Science Building for a one-day symposium on learning and teaching, the first salvo in a $40 million attempt by Harvard to rethink education.
The initiative’s proximate goal is to make Harvard’s teachers better, but the ultimate goal is much more ambitious: to improve education beyond Harvard Yard, perhaps in ways that cannot yet be foreseen.
But as you can read further in the article, the final impetus on many anything better lies with the instructor itself. One can try all the bells and whistles one want, but an effective teacher is an effective teacher, no matter what the methodology is.

But at least now, you know what would happen to the hole on a heated plate. BTW, who in their right mind would put a metal plate in a microwave anyway?


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