Monday, October 10, 2011

The Physics of Flying Pumpkins

Each year, during this time of the year in the US, many pumpkins are scarified in the name of physics! :)

This is another example of a physics high school teacher trying to demonstrate Newtonian mechanics by shooting pumpkins.

“The students got a lot out of the project, but they're not done yet,” said physics teacher Jeff Partynski. “They must now analyze the flight of their pumpkins and create a detailed report that includes calculations, design criteria, and results.”

Partynski requires students to build catapults that can shoot pumpkins at least 20 meters.

The project requires the application of principles like projectile motion, energy, and forces. They also learn to work in teams like engineers or scientists tasked with at corporations.
Too bad they weren't shooting at some structure with round, green heads strategically placed in it...... Hum... OK, maybe I've been playing Angry Birds way too much.


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