Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Feynman - The New Hero

It appears that Richard Feynman is the new hero of a graphic novel (cartoon?). His life story seems to have been turned into a series of graphic sketches in this new book.

In “Feynman,” read about how the irrepressible and colorfully sketched PhD pulls pranks on his fellow researchers on the Manhattan Project. Watch as the rascally professor solves the Dirac Equation. Observe as the hard-partying genius boldly calls Niels Bohr by his given name, instead of by his code handle “Nicholas Baker.” In one panel of the 300-page book, Feynman spins dinner plates to unlock secrets of quantum mechanics; in another he humiliates a NASA official during the Rogers Commission investigation of the Challenger explosion.
I suppose this man will remain popular to the public in general because of his "quirkiness".



Doug Natelson said...

He was a brilliant guy who told good stories very well, and did high profile things that the average public has heard of (Manhattan Project, Challenger investigation board). It's not hard to see why he's got some popular appeal.

ZapperZ said...

Not to forget, to many here, he's also not bad to look at. He won my first ever Most Attractive Male physicist:



Pi-Guy said...

A few years ago Feynman was turned into comic books in issues of Two-Fisted Science. And, earlier this past summer, an art student, Natalie-Kay Thatcher, made her own Feynman comic book as the thesis project for her college degree. Hers was mainly an interpretation of Christopher Sykes' documentary, 'The Pleasure of Finding Things Out'. She also included some excerpts from a Feynman biographical essay I did for feynman.com about 11 years ago. Unfortunately, as a thesis project, she only printed off 50 copies, but you can see a little bit of it here: