Saturday, August 13, 2011

Man Goes Through Small Inner Tube - Impossible Physics?

Besides being hilarious, this could be a fun "problem".

A man who obviously has a "girth" larger than the inner radius of a floating inner tube, appears to have gone through it unscathed, both for him and the inner tube.

Or did he not go through the tube since he took the inner tube down with him?

Still, assuming that he did, how did he get through? The human body is soft enough (specially around areas with lots of ... er .. padding) that one could squeeze through something like that.

What do you think?

Credit: CBS News



Pi-Guy said...

I'm not averse to supposing he could in principle plow right through the doughnut hole, if he and the doughnut are both pliable enough, and the doughnut's buoyant force is more than the friction between the two. But really, I think it's a lot simpler just to guess that he dragged it down and let it go.

Prathik said...

Definitely seems possible for the large specimen to have managed the feat. Obviously, under the assumption that the friction is overcome and also that the flab is flexible enough. Not sure how I can quantify them though.