Saturday, August 06, 2011

Early Career Town Hall

One of the more productive effort done in my US National Labs is trying to train and nurture early-career scientists, especially in ways that they can seek research funding. So there are many lectures, seminars, workshops, etc. that are organized and targeted to young scientists at these labs to help them to this by learning from other senior scientists who have had successful funding of their programs.

This is one such lectures given at Berkeley Lab. The lecture focuses on the lab's Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD). This LDRD program is common in many US Labs and a substantial source of internal funding for many programs where new and exploratory efforts are being initiated. This LDRD program also allows for the lab to create an initiative on programs that they think might be of importance in the future. So it allows the lab to position itself as having already established an expertise in a certain area by the time the need for work in that field arises.

So while this lecture is given at Berkeley lab and to scientists at Berkeley lab, it applies to practically all scientists at US National Labs. If you're just starting out and working at one of these labs, this might be a useful video. If you're not, you get to hear the directions that Berkeley lab is looking into at least during the next few years.


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