Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How To Reproduce "Washboard" Road

This is an informative review of a work on figuring out the physics of washboard roads. It's based on work done quite a while back (2007) and published in PRL[1].

This is another one of those "mundane" stuff that perks up my interest and what got me into physics in the first place. Of course, these things APPEAR to be mundane, but the physics of these things have wide-ranging impact and application. It is just that the phenomena that manifest the principles looks so benign. Still these are the stuff that I find most fascinating. You can go solve the mysteries of dark matter and CP-violation. Just give me rippled roads and grapes that bounce up and down in sodas!


[1] N. Taberlet et al.,Phys. Rev. Lett. v.99, p068003 (2007)

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Pi-Guy said...

Washboards are used to get things clean. So why is it that washboard roads are always so covered with dirt? Does one washboard road always need another washboard road to get itself clean?