Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Can Quantum Theory Be Derived From More Fundamental Principles?

It is an intriguing question and certainly something that a number of theorists have been working on. The latest in such a development is the latest paper published in PRA this week, and covered this this week's APS Physics (you also get a free download of the actual paper)[1].

Abstract: We derive quantum theory from purely informational principles. Five elementary axioms—causality, perfect distinguishability, ideal compression, local distinguishability, and pure conditioning—define a broad class of theories of information processing that can be regarded as standard. One postulate—purification—singles out quantum theory within this class.

Quantum mechanics continues to be one of the most puzzling and amazing theory of our time.


[1] G. Chiribella et al., Phys. Rev. A v.84, p.012311 (2011).

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Pi-Guy said...

This is reminiscent of work by Peter Pesic. He starts with the postulate of the indistinguishability of elementary particles and derives the formalism of quantum mechanics. It's essentially an information-theoretical approach:
Foundations of Physics Letters
Volume 13, Number 1, 55-67