Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bookmaker Putting Odds Of Higgs Discovery At 1/3

I guess you can place bets on anything. This is true for the odds at a Higgs discovery this year. An Irish bookmaker has reduced the odds of a Higgs discovery this year from 12/1 to 1/3 after the recent report at this year's European Physical Review conference.

Paddy Power is now offering odds that favour finding the Higgs sometime this year. At 1/3, a £3 bet will pay out a measly £4 if the Higgs is discovered before January. By contrast, the same bet last week would pay a whopping £39.

Ha! Can't even make money out of gambling on the Higgs!BTW, those who work at CMS and ATLAS could be considered as having "insider" information. I'd buddy up with those people if I were you before making your bets! :)


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