Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Interview With Steven Weinberg

The San Francisco Chronicle published a short interview with Steven Weinberg. In it, he talked about the LHC, the search for the Higgs, and String theory.

Lundborg: Is string theory still the best game in town?

Weinberg: It's the best game in town, but it may not be the right game.

Lundborg: You're disappointed that it hasn't actually led anywhere?

Weinberg: Since the 1980s string theory has not come up with a prediction of anything new that we could then verify in the laboratory in a way that could convince us that string theory is right.

Although there may be one fundamental string theory, it has many, many solutions. And finding the one that describes our world may be impossibly hard.


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Amine Shady said...

Yeah, he is right...actually, we are at CERN trying to find Higgs and SUSY first, then I think there are many experiments proposed by String theorists at the LHC which may lead to something, like measuring the missing energy in the extra-dimensions !