Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Detectors for Future Colliders"

Hitoshi Yamamoto from Tohoku University is talking about this topic in the plenary session of TIPP Conference (last day).

He talks about the LHC upgrade for the detectors. They are designed to work at 1e34/cm^2/s luminosity, but there are many issues for detectors under such conditions. He talks about the ATLAS, CMS, ALICE, and LHCb upgrades during the various planned LHC shutdowns.

SuperB Factories - KEK has luminosity of 2e34/cm^2/s. SuperB factories will have 40-50 times more luminosity. He describes the requirement for SuperB detectors.

Belle II upgrades are also mentioned.

ILC is next. Detector performance goals for ILC are described. The ILD detector has a B field of 3.5 Tesla, while the SiD detector has B field of 5 Tesla.

He then describes requirements for CLIC and Muon collider detectors. The 1.5 TeV version of the muon collider detector will have challenging beam background.


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