Monday, June 06, 2011

Anti-hydrogen Trapped For 1000 Seconds

1000 seconds! That's almost an eternity in the field of elementary particle physics! :)

The Alpha collaboration continues to make progress with trapping antimatter atoms, and this is their latest success.

"We think we make our anti-hydrogen in excited states; in other words the positron is at a larger distance from the nucleus. It has more energy. That's not the state we want to study. It takes some fraction of a second for these atoms, once they're produced, to get to the ground state.

"If you hold them 1,000 seconds, you can be quite sure they're in the state you want to study; and this is the first time that anyone can make that claim."

A lot of studies can be done with such a system, so stay tune. There are plenty more to come!


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