Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Willard Boyle: 1924–2011

We note today the passing of a Physics Nobel Laureate, and someone whose discovery/invention is certainly influential in our lives. Willard Boyle, a co-inventor of the CCD, passed away at the age of 86.

Like many Nobel laureates, the prize came late in Boyle's life, when he was 85. As his long-time friend and Nova Scotia local councillor Ron MacNutt told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation yesterday, Boyle "had some regret that that recognition came a little bit late for him to get out and do more of that, to talk to younger children in school". An earlier award, MacNutt added, might have let Boyle influence even more people in his life.

Still, I'm glad that the Nobel committee gave him his award and that he gets the recognition, even late in life. BTW, here's another example you can give to people who thinks that physics and physicists only deals with esoteric, no-application knowledge.


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