Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bill Foster To Run For Congress Again

Physicist and former US Congressman Bill Foster is mounting a campaign to win a congressional seat at the next election.

Foster represented the 14th Congressional District for nearly three years after winning a high-profile special election in March 2008 to take the seat that had been held by Republican Dennis Hastert, the longtime House speaker who retired several months after Democrats took over the House.
But Foster’s time in Congress came to an end after last November’s Republican tidal wave, when Randy Hultgren, a state senator from Winfield whose supporters included tea party activists, reclaimed the seat for the GOP.

The number of physicists in the US House of Representatives dropped quite a bit this time with Foster's loss and the retirement of Vern Ehlers. Last count, I think Rush Holt might be the only one left! And he's the only one who could beat Watson!


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