Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Swiss Re Scientific Arguments Against Climate Change Skeptics

It is interesting to find out that now, even companies are considering the cost of not only Global Warming, but they are also now battling those who are skeptical of the anthropogenic origin of global warming. Swiss Re, which is the 2nd largest company in the word dealing with insurance, has evaluated the validity of global warming and its origin, and decided to present a detailed, scientific rebuttal against the skpetics. We're talking about argument-by-argument rebuttals with full citations to the sources.

And they're doing this not out of some social conscience, but rather, due to profit concerns that ignoring and denying what they consider to be a serious problem will be costly. This, btw, is consistent to an earlier analysis that the cost of being wrong about the anthropogenic origin of global warming is MORE than the cost of being wrong about the non-anthropogenic origin of global warming.

Source: Charles Day at PhysicsToday Blog.


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