Friday, January 14, 2011

Microsoft Mathematics

Heaven knows I don't need another graphing software or mathematical package. But still, when I came across this, I thought that this might be very useful to students, especially those in high school or early undergraduate years. I know that there's probably several freeware or shareware mathematics packages that one can afford without paying the hundreds (or thousands) of dollars for the high-powered mathematics packages. Still, this might be "free" enough that it is interesting.

It appears that Version 4 of Microsoft Mathematics is available for download. A brief description of it can be found here. I haven't used it before, and before I recommend it to people I know who might need it, does anyone else have a review of this or an earlier version of it? And if you have used it for physics purposes, I would like to hear your opinion even more.


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Keith said...

I just downloaded this and played around with it a bit. It has a bit of a Mathematica feel but nice in that it offers explanations (up front) of what you need to input and even has a quick blurb of how to do some calcualtions by hand, like derivatives.

Could be useful for students.