Friday, January 07, 2011

The Birth and Early Evolution of the Universe

A very simple presentation of the birth and evolution of our universe, given by Alex Filippenko, Professor of Astronomy, U.C. Berkeley.


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Physics Teacher said...

I really enjoyed the presentation of Professor Alex Filippenko. He is explaining the birth of universe so clearly. I just wonder something. As you also know, big bang is just a theory. We accept it because there is no other theory that can explain birth of universe. At the other hand, professor uses this theory like a law. He says that the universe is exactly 13.7 billion years old with assuming that the world expanded with speed of light and big bang is correct. Either big bang is correct or wrong, it is clear that there is a beginning of universe, and like everything with beginning there should be an end of universe. This end can big crunch, or thermal death of universe stated with entropy. Whatever it is, we are living in a universe that will die like us in the future. Question is, will it reborn or will it be gone forever. Another question is what was here before universe? This is what engages me to astronomy.