Saturday, December 04, 2010

"X" Marks The Spot

A lot of brouhaha has been going on this past week or so on the speculative particle called the "X" particle. The model for the existence of this particle could, in principle, explain the dark matter problem, and also the matter-antimatter imbalance of our universe.

Check out this MSNBC article, that gives you links to other articles, on this topic in case you missed it.


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Mark Widmer said...

From reading the MSNBC article, it's not (to me) an entirely satisfactory answer to the problem of matter/antimatter asymmetry. Instead of an asymmetry in abundance, there is instead an asymmetry in behavior: X's preferentially decay into neutrons rather than Y and Phi, while anti-X's preferentially decay into anti-Y and anti-Phi rather than anti-neutrons.