Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Physics of X-Ray Backscattering at Airports

I'm back and severely jet-lagged. So it'll be a couple of days before I'm back up to speed with what's been happening. But yours truly got his first full-body scan at O'Hare on this past trip. Yippee!

I couldn't figure out if it was the X-ray backscattering or the millimeter wave technology. I was about to ask one of the TSA's officer what it was, but they were all rather busy at that time, and I was already "loitering" about the area for a few minutes. After giving it a thought, I decided not to risk raising suspicion about being too curious about the scanning technology and left.

Anyway, if anyone wants to look at the issue surrounding the millimeter wave technology, check out an earlier blog entry. Ars Technica has a good article covering the x-ray backscattering technology.

Happy traveling!



Tom said...

I think it sad that one might not ask a valid question because of the fear that it would raise suspicion. To me that kind of intimidation is a sign that the government is wielding too much power, and in an irresponsible way.

ZapperZ said...

Oh no. I don't think you can construe my lack of action as being a "fear". I halfheartedly said that without being serious. I think if I was determined to find out, I would have asked. I just didn't want to stick around that area that long.