Saturday, August 07, 2010

What To Do With A Degree In Physics?

I've highlighted several articles on career paths of people with physics degrees, especially undergraduate degrees. This is another article from the UK that examines the same thing.

Physics is concerned with observing and understanding the natural universe. However, studying the subject will help you gain skills useful to many employers, not just in the science sector. You will be highly proficient at problem solving and have demonstrated your ability to solve challenges by thinking creatively. A physics degree will also give you a grounding in advanced mathematics. The practical skills gained through planning experiments will also be appreciated by recruiters.

This of course, is not surprising and nothing new. Other articles have mentioned something similar. It is consistent with previous entries on "What Does One "Do" With an Undergraduate Physics Degree?", and the most recent statistics for initial employment for physics B.Sc. degree holder here in the US.


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