Tuesday, August 24, 2010

High Heels, Physics, and Finance

While we have seen Physics and Finance being mixed, it isn't everyday that we see high heels and physics being mentioned in the same breath. But that's what is happening in this profile of a physicist who have made that jump into the world of finance, but still try to retain some feminine quality.

At work, Debbie Berebichez is a quantitative risk analyst. On her own time, she's the Science Babe. She's also an inspiration to young women interested in righted-brained careers, including finance.

It's good that, even though she has left the science world, she is still dedicating her effort towards encouraging more female into science. The timing of this article is also rather appropriate, because I'm in the middle of running the contest to find the most attractive physicist. Wonder if someone will nominate this "science babe"? :)


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