Friday, April 16, 2010

Watch Out For A Nobel Prize At Your Local Pawn Shop

This is utterly bizarre!

A man broke into Nobel Laureate Roy Glauber's home and not only slept in his bed, but also possibly took his Nobel Prize medal!

Stephen Beaulieu, 42, of Skowhegan, Maine - a disheveled drifter with champagne tastes - broke into Harvard University Professor of Physics Roy J. Glauber’s home overlooking Spy Pond in Arlington last month, slept in one of his beds, stubbed out a cigarette on a nightstand and stuffed his face with imitation lobster and smoked oysters bought with his food stamp card, investigators said.

Police, meanwhile, are trying to track down Glauber’s Nobel Prize for his work on the behavior of light, as well as a Nobel replica and a Spanish Academy of Sciences Gold Medal he has been unable to locate since the break-in.

“Obviously, they mean a great deal to me,” the 84-year-old brainiac said. “I cannot imagine what good they would be to anybody.”

I definitely hope they recover the medal.


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