Sunday, April 18, 2010

Soudan Lab Open House

Oh, I would go if I could!

The Soudan underground lab will be having its Open House on May 8, 2010.

The public is welcome to travel a half-mile underground and visit the Soudan Underground Physics Lab at an open house set for May 8.

Participants will discover the data collected during the years that the MINOS detector has been operating. The Fermi National Accelerator Lab has been sending a beam of neutrinos to the Soudan Lab since the first one was detected March 20, 2005. It will also be an opportunity to ask the experts about the new project, NOvA, a 15 kiloton detector under construction on the Ash River Trail to study other characteristics of the neutrino. The third major experiment is the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search.

When was the last time you get to visit a half-mile-underground physics lab? That in itself is a good-enough incentive.


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giorgia said...

Oh. This just reminded me of when I went to visit the Gran Sasso labs with my school, ages ago.
And now I've just discovered I can go visit it also as a private citizen -- and will surely do so.