Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lise Meitner

This is a nice, short article on Lise Meitner and her contribution not only to physics, but to our world as well. She certainly and fully would have deserved the Nobel Prize, and I would think that if the Nobel committee looks back on some of the people they missed giving the award to, Meitner would be way on top.

Having read a few of her biographies and life story, I am not only amazed at her dedication and skill as a scientists, but also her resolve considering all the obstacles she faced as a woman working in this field at that time. She is one tough woman, and someone that I truly admire as a person.


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Bradley said...

I've read a good number of bios of physicists, and I just read Ruth Simes' bio of Meitner a few months back. Meitner's story is one of the more fascinating ones I've read, and that's saying quite a lot. I think she was a model human being.