Saturday, February 13, 2010

Courtney Love Is Into Quantum Physics?

Say it isn't so!

I thought it was fascinating that actress Anne Hathaway likes reading about physics. The news that Courtney Love, the widow of former Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, is into quantum physics kinda scares me a little! :) Look at what she follows:

She also said Robert Graves was her favourite author, that she would take Mozart's music to a desert island and that the work of poet Rilke, along with watching quantum physics videos on YouTube, had affected her music.

Oh dear! She probably watched "What the Bleep do we know!"



Anonymous said...

peaches geldof was just as bad, she said pretty much the same thing. i cannot think of 2 people less qualified to talk about QM.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is qualified to *talk* about QM. The difference is that some think it's a magical wishing machine, and some can do the math.

tobias_felipe said...

ZapperZ, I read your similar commentaries on anne hathaway and your bitter commentaries on a physicis winning a award on a magazine.
I think we have a little sexism here. You think that women can't do or like physics? (Even if it's physics in popularization books)
You'll say the same every time a women say she likes physics or when a women-centric media talks about it?
Please think about that.

ZapperZ said...

Say what????!!

I didn't diss out Anne Hathaway at all! And what's with this crap that I don't think women can't do physics? Would you like to reconsider after reading this blog entry?

I've made other entries on the topic of women and physics and my position on this is VERY clear. Just do a search if you don't believe me.

I think it is YOU who needs to think about this.


Anonymous said...

well, hun, i'm an engineer, so fairly well qualified to speak about physics...and let me tell you this: it's pretty obvious CL has a high IQ. think that combined with her creativeness and outspoken nature is what gets her into trouble...people just don't get her.