Thursday, November 19, 2009

What Happens When You Wanted To Be A Physicist And It Just Didn't Work Out?

Well, you then go to your back up plan and be a CALL GIRL!! :)

This is way too hysterical to make up, or maybe it is made up, who knows?

The more complete story on this can be found at Times Online. The part I found to be quite hilarious was this:

How did she become a prostitute? She studied anthropology and mathematics in Florida: “I wanted to be a physicist, but that just didn’t work out.” After Florida, her family lived in Sheffield, where she studied some more: “By the time I got to Sheffield it was for doctoral study at the department of forensic pathology.”

I would say that was a drastic alternative indeed! :)


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Black Sheep Process Serving said...

Seems to me a fairly logical path. While in school, she probably saw a lot of men whose best bet for love was to pay for it up front (as opposed to paying for it with a ring). I'm currently in school, and while I'm not switching careers anytime soon, I do notice the trend towards frumpiness and unkempt-ness the further I go. Anecdotal evidence only: I have no proof.