Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Creationist Refutes Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory

I received a lot of flak when I made my blog entry on "An Astronomer At The Vatican", simply because I would have asked more pointed questions rather than the fluff that was given. What I wanted to established is specific and CLEAR stand of Catholicism in particular of various issues where religion and science have come to a loggerhead.

It is with that in mind that we have this example of someone who is using Christianity and are still arguing for creationism AND falsely claiming that evolution is wrong.

According to a presentation held Tuesday at West Virginia University, evolutionist Charles Darwin did not know geology, biology, or Jesus.

Dr. Robert Carter, has a doctorate in marine biology and is currently the head speaker and scientist for Creation Ministries International (USA) in Atlanta, Ga., gave a presentation listing in detail what Darwin did not know at that time. Carter argued evolution theory, therefore, cannot be held as the true explanation of the history of the natural world.

So you get all of these people who complained that my view of the Catholic belief is outdated, and yet you have on the other hand, various parts of the same Christian belief that clearly show that that "outdated" belief is alive and well. My question has always been, how come someone within the church (and I'm talking about ALL of Christianity, and not just a particular denomination) talk to this guy and set him straight, if that's possible? Obviously, he would not listen to other scientists since he has ignored not only the overwhelming evidence, but also the overwhelming consensus among scientists. But maybe he'll listen to someone with the same strong background in theology within his religion! If Catholics believe that evolution does not conflict with Catholicism, and if the Pope truly has declared that evolution is true, then someone's clearly wrong here! You guys are all reading from the SAME book, aren't you?



DopplerShift said...

Catholicism and Christianity are not *nearly* identical. There are some commonalities (belief in Jesus, reading the Bible), but it's the details that matter, especially when it comes to how literally one interprets the Bible. The Catholic church is actually pretty sane when it comes to science. You might start here to see:

Anonymous said...

There's a history of ignoring the "smaller questions" in the church. The way I look at it, they're spoiling for comrades, and will take anyone they can get (see for example protestants' buddy relationship with Judaism. I can explain it, but it's not pretty). Telling them to get their story straight about bible literalism, transubstantiation / transmogrification, gay clergy, etc is not going to work. Actually, I'm kind of glad that there are preachers that insist on ie literalism -- it makes it that much easier to spot that the Emperor Has No Clothes.

Gerard said...

"My question has always been, how come someone within the church (and I'm talking about ALL of Christianity, and not just a particular denomination) talk to this guy and set him straight, if that's possible?"

Probably not possible, but why would "someone within the church" care about this? People are generally felt, within A LOT / NOT ALL of Christianity to be FREE to believe as they wish. The contrary question is why, among those who accept (as I do) the theory of evolution as correct, there are so many thin-skinned folks that just go mental when they sniff out a "Creationist" in any guise. If the theory of evolution is true, as I believe it is, then the truth will triumph. The rabid Pecksniffs within the evolution camp just look like they're stamping their feet and holding their breath. Undignified if you ask me.

"You guys are all reading from the SAME book, aren't you?"

Well, actually, no they aren't. And if you knew 5% as much about Christianity as you know about Evolution, you'd know that.

Tor Hershman said...

"Faith (aka fear, shame, etc)" has nothing to do with reason not should you expect it to.

Just say HOORAY for all the good Atheists religion gives shelter/power to.

Stay on groovin' safari,

Noelia said...

Sorry if you didn't read Spanish - in the fairly intellectual, traditionalist online journal in Spanish Panorama Católico Internacional < >, a long discussion on Evolucionismo clarified that Catholic dogmata since more than a century accept that the Genesis' human-body-making 'clay' may very well have been "evolutionarily organized matter", and that, formally, when Catholics look at the sky, they can perceive geological, pre-Adamic times in their view's formation. So DopplerShift is quite right, indeed.

Interestingy, interventions by Protestants muddled the discussion with Creationist ideas and were fought away by Catholic evolutionists.