Monday, November 09, 2009

Vitaly Ginzburg: 1916–2009

The major physics news of the day is certainly the passing of one of the giants in this field - Vitaly Ginzburg. Physics World has one of the best summary of his life and times.

My first introduction to the name "Ginszburg" was certainly when I took up superconductivity and came across the "Ginzburg-Landau" model for superconductivity. This may even be the first instance of the idea of the "order parameter" for superconductivity took shape. He certainly left a lot of marks in the world of physics.



Christine said...

I'll have to read up on him. I have also decided to read up on Paul Dirac.

Anonymous said...

Christine: Graham Farmelo who has written a biography of Dirac will be presenting an online lecture about the life of Dirac on Nov 26.

It's free and you can find out more here: