Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Public Perception of Astronomers: Revered, Reviled and Ridiculed

This is a rather fascinating essay about the role of astronomers, and the public perception of the profession through a period of history.

Of course, in the advice for astronomers to get more involved with the public to demystify the profession, there's plenty of similarities with physicists. Embracing technology and trying to be an effective communicator are all important aspect of popularizing any field of studies, and these certainly apply to astronomy and physics.

Still, it is a fun essay to read, especially during the Year of Astronomy.


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Valandil said...

Everything is in the name.

Just change the name "astronomer," which is often related to astrology or other non-sciencitific activities (at least in my part of town) to "astrophysicist".

Maybe this will project something more scientific...