Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Austrian Physicists Protest at CERN Pull-Out

This isn't surprising at all and highly expected. As reported earlier, Austria has decided to pull out of CERN. The timing is especially ridiculously awful as, after working for so long on the LHC and contributing to the laboratory, the LHC is about to start up and a whole new frontier of high energy physics is about to be opened.

So it is understandable that Austrian physicists would strongly protest against the pull-out.

Researchers in Austria have started an online petition in protest at the country’s decision to withdraw from the CERN particle physics lab. So far over 1500 people have signed the petition, which will be sent to Johannes Hahn, the Austrian science minister, who announced on Thursday that the country would cut its funding for CERN worth around €20m per year.



OilIsMastery said...

Well at least one country in Europe has sane politicians.

Thornhill, W., The $6 billion LHC Circus, Sep 2008

Karrasko said...

As you said it has no sense to leave the project after 20 million euro investment. Do you know which is the reason the Austrian government argued for the pull-out?. I hope that are economical reasons.

ZapperZ said...

"Well at least one country in Europe has sane politicians."

Then may I strongly suggest that you refuse to use ALL of the advances that we ALREADY are enjoying because of the development of the LHC? When you will get high-speed data transfers, and various other electronics advances, I expect you to completely refrain from using those. And please inform any of your descendants as well that may benefit from the physics that the LHC will have gathered that found an application in the future.


Anonymous said...

Not to mention -- does OillsMastery use the web, maybe to even post his/her message? Perhaps s/he should stop, since it clearly is a useless spinoff of research at CERN!!

Anonymous said...

OilIsMastery is just giving further proof to a wise man's saying...

"There are only two things that are infinite: The Universe and human stupidity. Though I'm not sure about the former"