Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tom Hanks To Restart LHC?

Hum... while I think this is a brilliant marketing/publicity strategy, I don't think people have thought this thing through.

It appears that while visiting CERN for the filming the upcoming Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons", Tom Hanks was invited to "throw the switch", so to speak, when the LHC restart later this September {link open for free only for a limited time}.

Hanks was at CERN promoting his new film Angels & Demons, in which he plays Harvard University symbologist Robert Langdon, who is investigating a plot to annihilate the Vatican with 0.25 grams of antimatter stolen from CERN. His co-star Ayelet Zurer, who plays a brilliant CERN physicist, and the film's director Ron Howard, were also present at the unusual junket.

"I asked Hanks if he'd like to come back for the switch-on and he said 'yes'," says Steve Myers, CERN's director of accelerators and technology, after giving him a guided tour of the LHC's 7,000-tonne ATLAS experiment on 13 February.

As if the LHC is not already under a severe media scrutiny, do they need another attention being drawn to the restarting of the LHC? All I can say is, they'd better get this one right.


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