Monday, February 02, 2009

Einstein's Physics on Violin

Einstein's physics on violin..... Er.... what?

Professor Brian Foster of the Experimental Physics department at the University of Oxford will deliver a lecture on Einstein’s contribution to physics, including his Theory of Relativity.

Violinist Jack Liebeck will join Professor Foster on stage at various points to provide musical analogies to some of the points raised by the lecture.

Er.... what?!

I'm going to stop scratching my head before I go bald. But what the hey....? It is difficult enough to explain such a thing in plain English, but this? I'd like to know what is expected out of such "musical analogies". Or maybe I don't understand and appreciate something like this because I am musically illiterate?

If you get to go to this one (and it should be a doosey), can you please tell me how the photoelectric effect analogy sound? I'm awfully curious with that one.



Daniel Lecoanet said...

Some people ( have used math to describe music, but I don't think there's any musical equivalent to the Poincare group...

Matt said...

Perhaps it's just a way to get bums on seats?