Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Looking At Single Electrons

This is a review of the recently published paper in PRL by physicists from Brown University on their ability to track the motion of single electrons. These electrons form bubbles in liquid helium that can be tracked (and videotaped apparently).

It's a very fascinating and clever experiment, and I will qualify that I haven't fully read the PRL paper yet (I've only read the PHYSICS article that reviews this work). However, while I was reading it, I had a distinct deja vu feeling that I've seen this before and have written about it. Sure enough, a quick search of my blog (it's amazing the amount of crap.... er ... stuff I've written over the years in here) produced this entry:

Single Electron Motion Caught on Video

It also appears that these two were done by the same group of people. Can anyone familiar with this work (and have read both papers) tell me the difference between these two?


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