Saturday, October 11, 2008

Religion vs Science: Can the Divide Between God and Rationality be Reconciled?

If you have some time, this might be a very good article to read. It doesn't mean that I endorse it, or agree with everything that's said, but it is worth reading nevertheless because it touches upon a large swath of the issue, both in the US and in the UK.

What I find interesting, and possibly relevant, is the "conclusion" at the very end.

Perhaps the conflict is not between science and religion but between good and bad ways of doing both. In all of us there will always be a struggle between the craving for certainty, purity and closure and the acceptance of mystery, brokenness and provisionality. At their best, both scientists and people of faith are in a permanent state of awe-struck humility before the wonder and strangeness and messiness of things. At their worst, they are arrogant, dogmatic, and incurious. There's a bit of both in all of us, of course.

Now, if only those in both extremes of the debate would read and understand the article.


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