Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Spooky Science Saturday at NIU

This is such a great idea!

The Northern Illinois University one again is hosting their annual Haunted Physics Laboratory.

The darkened laboratories will feature more than 80 interactive displays, including floating magnets, a levitating ghost, a hair-raising electrostatic machine and a "witch's cauldron," filled with a concoction of water and chilly liquid nitrogen. Visitors can don "rainbow glasses," get creative with glow-in-the-dark face paints, ponder the lightning bolts in a plasma globe and make artworks that will only appear normal in funhouse-like mirrors.

A fog machine is used for visualization of lasers. Other light and optical displays include an electrical Jacob's ladder. Volunteer students and professors will be on hand to explain the science behind the demonstrations.

And, thanks to the NIU Chemistry Club, kids will have an opportunity to make take-home slime.

Take-home slime???!!! That's it, I'm there!

We do many things to get the public, and kids, interested in science, and physics in particular. This is one of the most clever way of getting across that message.


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