Sunday, June 01, 2008

Boffo Box Office for Science Festival

All early reports seem to indicate that the first ever World Science Festival is a resounding success. They have either sold out or virtually sold out almost all of their events.

“Despite the fact that we are programmed against ourselves,” he says, “with almost seven or eight of our events happening at the same time in some instances, we have sold more than 90 percent of our seats and may in fact sell out the entire event.”

But what I found amusing was the dimwit who wrote the first comment to that news article. He/she seems to have the impression that the whole point of having a science festival is to encourage kids to have a career in science! If that's the case, we should bar adults from going to such events, since they definitely are too late to change careers! Yes, stop that 60-year old grandpa from attending Alan Alda's "QED"!

I sometime think that the gene pool needs some chlorine.....


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