Monday, April 21, 2008

Phenomenology of the Normal State In-Plane Transport Properties of High-Tc Cuprates

I always like it when authors upload their published papers. It gives those who do not have access to the various journals a chance to get a copy of a peer-reviewed, published papers, especially if they're in respectable journals.

This paper is more of a review of the current understanding of the anisotropic nature of the in-plane transport of the cuprate superconductors. The cuprate superconductors are well-known to have highly 2D nature in its charge transport, most probably due to the layered nature of the compound. It is believed that the transport occurs in the copper oxide planes, especially since the resistivity perpendicular to the planes is roughly 3 to 4 orders of magnitude higher. However, even within the copper oxide plane itself, there is a considerable anisotropy in the transport direction, as seen in various measurements.

The paper has a very good review of our state of knowledge on this issue so far, and also a good background info regarding the cuprates superconductor for those who need to get up to speed.


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