Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bubble Fusion Fiasco Just Won't Go Away

Reported in the new edition of Nature (23 April 2008), it appears that Purdue University has sent its final report to the Office of Naval Research that funded Taleyarkhan's work on the so-called bubble fusion that is being questioined. But that's not it. He himself plans to contact the ONR directly to dispute the report (which implies that the report isn't favorable towards him). And, get this, he also plans on suing certain people!

The engineer is also pursuing a defamation lawsuit, filed last month in Tippecanoe County in Indiana against scientists who questioned his claims of bubble fusion. The defendants include Purdue faculty members named in Nature articles, which helped trigger an institutional review. “The complaint filed is to clear up my reputation,” Taleyarkhan says.




Nick said...

I guess he doesn't subscribe to reputation defense by releasing good research.

Matt said...

Well, if we ever see good data it will be interesting. Till then I'd keep my bets on ITER or one of the inertial confinement laser fusion projects.

The "easy" fusion schemes have burned (or failed to burn?) us too many times.