Sunday, August 19, 2007

More and More Bastardization of Quantum Mechanics

It never ends, does it?

This one is even hilarious. It is advertising a free "tele-seminar" on how QM can affect your consciousness.

Speaker, Thomas Herold will discuss how quantum physics can help individuals manifest their life dreams. Calling on the findings of Sir Issac Newton, the Wave/Particle Duality quantum paradox and the paradigm of space, time and matter, this seminar will illustrate how good old fashion science coupled with a strong belief system provides evidence that your thoughts create your reality.

Pardon me, but Isaac Newton had findings on wave/particle duality? No kidding!

So besides that fact that there are no clear link and evidence to extrapolate QM's formulation with "consciousness" and "belief system", they also can't get the history of physics correct. This is a first for me in seeing Newton being associated with this QM "paradox". Of course, they neglected to study QM and realize that there is NO paradox at all, and that the wave-particle duality is only something used to explain one part of an observation (not formulation) to the general public. There's no wave-particle duality in the formalism of QM. Honest! Look for yourself if you don't believe me!



Anonymous said...

Hi zapperz - got here via Butterflies and Wheels website.

Great post.

BTW, I was just thinking the other day that if there is such a thing as Quantum correlation relativism (Carlo Rovelli), then we will find a lot of these new-age and pseudo-scientific crowds claiming that reality changes as to who is the observer. That is, two observers will have divergent views of the same reality, both equally valid. Sort of like the "reality is effected by a measurement", but on steroids.

Any thoughts on this problem, which is going to rear its ugly head, probably soon?

Zekise (sometimes on physics forum)

ZapperZ said...

Thanks for the comment. I seem to notice that a lot of people got to this article via Butterflies and Wheels website. So if there are some of you who came from there, WELCOME!

I haven't thought much about quantum correlation relativism but I don't believe this changes anything. In relativity, we can always transform to another frame with no problem and get back whatever measurement in that frame. This aspect of relativity seems to be ignored by many pseudoscience and post-modernists crowd trying to apply relativity to "relativism". These observations are not flat out "relative" in the sense that we don't know why those measurements are different. We understand very well how to get one from the others.

Besides, that is the reason why there is something call gauge invariance. We tend to stick to quantities that are covariant under a number of situations. This removes the "relative" aspect of these things. Again, this issue somehow is missed by those espousing relativism.