Friday, June 29, 2007

PAC Day 5

My "reporters" at the 2007 Particle Accelerator Conference haven't been reporting as frequently as I would like, so news and information coming out of it has been sparse. If I had gone, I'd probably had reported a lot more stuff and "gossips". :)

We finally got a short and brief message from Reporter 3

Reporter 3: Scientific progress is mostly incremental. So, PAC did not have any major breakthrough. SNS (Spallation Neutron Source) is producing some beam since 2006, but still ramping up (for another couple of years). Laser plasma acceleration did not achieve any extraordinary progress recently (i.e. since their last report/papers). Barry Barish declared that he is aware of Orbach's time horizon for the ILC (2020s), but chooses to develop a parallel "technical timeline".

So that's it. Today is the final technical day for PAC07. Tomorrow is mostly tours of Oak Ridge lab and the surrounding area. Most attendees would probably start leaving today and tomorrow.


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