Thursday, June 07, 2007

Even More and More Bastardization of Quantum Mechanics

This sounds familiar:

Maybe he was one unlucky guy, but I tend to think he just believed he was unlucky.

I recently watched an inspirational video called The Secret, which conveyed this idea well.

Delivered in a new-agey Da Vinci Code-esque style, The Secret is unveiled by a series of scientists, authors and philosophers versed in the language of quantum physics and cognitive behavioural science. If you've seen the docudrama What The Bleep Do We Know?, it's in the same vein.

The video's message: the Law of Attraction governs our joy, health, money, relationships, love and happiness.

First of all, it is hilarious that this person would think that equating this video to that stupid movie is an advantage. Secondly, I'd like to see what "scientists" they cooked up that are "versed" in QM, and what kind of acrobatic connection they could make with cognitive behavior.

Again, no one has ever shown that the rules of QM can be applied to a large classical system that has suffered coupling to all those degree of freedoms and become incoherent. I have mentioned this before in another article that tried to make use of QM's phenomena and applied it to "marketing". It is sad that, without proper knowledge of QM, these people think they can simply justify their claim simply by hijacking QM phenomena into ways it hasn't been shown to clearly apply. I mean, go ahead and claim that you have evidence that there is a "correlation" between intention and results, but don't hijack QM to justify such a thing! There is a HUGE gap between the two that hasn't been filled yet!

Do I expect these people to listen to what I say? Nope!


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Kent Leung said...

The notion that our brain is a QM system is absurd. If it was the case then observations of which neurons are firing, etc, with MRI scans would surely destroy the system and we would be left brain dead. Then there are also surgeries that drill or cut part of the brain out... these procedures work and the majority of the people are left working fine.