Monday, May 07, 2012

The Physics Of "The Avengers"

Hey, did you go see "The Avengers" this past weekend and were a part of the folks who help set a new box office record for an opening weekend? I did. I don't normally go for this type of movie, but I went and see it anyway, and I was glad I did. The movie was a lot of fun, witty dialog, and hilariously funny. And oh, if you plan on seeing it, DO NOT LEAVE TILL THE CREDITS END. You'll be sorry if you did.

Anyway, as is the case whenever a movie like this opens, and opens big, you get some discussion on the physics involved in the movie. This blog article discussed the "tesseract", the almost-infinite energy source that is the center of this movie, and what everyone seems to want.

Still, with a movie like this, one has to take many of the artistic license with a grain of salt. They certainly bend the rules of physics quite a bit.

All of this does not detract from a very enjoyable movie.


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Doug Natelson said...

Two years ago I assigned a homework problem based on a scene in "Ironman". (Short version: Tony Stark pulls more than 200 g when he crashes into that sand dune after his first flight. Oops.) Clearly I need to come up with some Avengers-based exercises. Spoiler-free possibilities include something involving the helicarrier and the Hulk catching Stark (as seen in the commercials).